Kim Barker


Kim Barker is a rancher, marketer, educator, facilitator and community builder.  He has been raising and direct marketing grass fed animals for 30 plus years.  He's the brains of the operation, and is teaching us girls every day.  He is an expert in holistic management and rotational grazing, he is a voracious reader and always wants to try new things.  His primary focus is always on land health.  Kim goes to great lengths to create the ideal grazing model, and he has a passion for finding other ways to improve the land, such as permaculture, bio-char, and beyond.  Kim also has a hearty appreciation for community, as he knows how isolating it can be on the fringe of a dwindling livelihood.  Kim promotes ideas on good land management through conferences and seminars, and his belief in the importance of good stewardship shows in all he does.

Photo by Juli Bowen


Lacey Barker


Photo by Bear Rodriguez

Photo by Bear Rodriguez

Lacey Barker is the youngest of three Barker girls.  She grew up in the pastures of Walnut Creek Farms.  After getting a taste of the big city life while she obtained her degree in Business Management, Lacey made her way back Home.  She has a keen sense with the animals, a strong work ethic and a growing knowledge of plants.  Lacey is learning as much as she can from working every day with the grasses, with the animals, with our customers, and with Kimbo the Paterfamilias.  

While she enjoys the husbandry and the hard work, she also values her direct marketing duties.  She develops relationships with people who share our food values, and does a great deal of work to keep us all in line and running smoothly.








Photo by Bear Rodriguez

Photo by Bear Rodriguez






Butcher Day Boss


Juli Bowen is the middle daughter of Kim & Norene Barker.  She grew up bouncing around in the pickup doing chores with Kim, where she developed a passion for husbandry quite young.  Juli observed Kim make the change from conventional farming to holistic, regenerative land management during adolescence and saw firsthand what a difference these choices made in the health of land and animals.

Juli is fortunate to have spent time in Europe observing other food cultures and is knowledgeable about healthy food and how to produce and prepare it.  Juli moved back to Waynoka in 2007, using her degree in photojournalism to document the beauty of life on the farm.  She currently has a town job and serves on the local volunteer fire department while managing our website, product list, graphic design tasks for the farm and helping with chores whenever possible.  We look forward to her working on the farm full time when her considerable passion and skill will benefit our current endeavors as well as allow us to begin new ones.