I am grateful every day that I was raised in this way of life.  Some of the work we do feels almost second nature, I’ve been helping as long as I can remember.  Where I’ve needed to grow is in the selling and buying of cattle.  So, guess what?  This month, Wally Olson offered a small group of young ranchers the opportunity to attend his Livestock Marketing School on a scholarship! 

Wally has been in the cattle business for a long time, and has developed a very successful perspective.  It was an intense couple of days, and I am so thankful for the opportunity!  Virtually any rancher could learn from him.  I’m excited to braid this new knowledge into my approach and maybe in a few decades, I’ll have it down! 

If you want to know more about the schools, I encourage you to read up on his website, www.olsonranchllc.com.  

I also want to thank the pater familias, Kim, for facilitating the opportunity.  It pays to know people who know people!

Enjoy the cooling off of fall, and drop us a line if you’re running low on any of your favorite Walnut Creek products!