Greetings from the farm!

We are having a lovely summer here.  The frequent rains, coupled with our rotational grazing, have grown grass that’s thigh high and even higher in some places!  Lacey commented that it’s the first time in her life time that the new growth is taller than the previous year’s dead grass.  We’re happy with this, and I think the cattle are even happier.

We’ve finished calving and nearly done breeding, and have the cover bulls out in the pastures.  Check out walnutcreekok on Instagram if you want to see a picture of the cutest baby ever born here!  When Lacey found him, he was all curled up looking angelic and when she went to look closer, he got up and kicked her square in the shin!  Little fella has some spice!

The sand plums are beautifully ripening, and ready to be picked!  It can be hot and scratchy to pick them, but it’s worth it.  Sand Plum Jelly is my favorite kind.  We’re going to expand our palettes try them in a muffin recipe soon!  Please let us know if you’d like to have some to experiment on your own, we can arrange to get some to you.

We had a customer bring their kids for a visit last week, and I think the kids would have had fun playing in the pastures no matter what!  But it was sure lovely to have them, and have them check us out.  We want to practice what we preach, and opening our gates to our customers is one easy way for us to check in with ourselves and make sure we are aligned where our voices and actions meet.

And I suppose that’s all the news from this neck of the woods!  We’re just trying to rest during the hottest hours and still make things better every day.  The moon was full and orange and glorious last week, and I went out for a spell, just to listen to the frogs.  Simple pleasures make life so vivid.

Love and Light!