The farm has been hoppin!  We had some stellar help butchering our chickens & got that project in the freezer.  It's always lovely to have our work load lightened and good food in store.  

And we are surrounded by an embarrassment of riches through all this rain!  Our grasses never looked so good.  All of our heifers are bred & turned out, our garden is growing.  Lacey has an asparagus that's over 7' tall!  Life on the farm is good.

I've (slowly) been reading Letters to a Young Farmer, and one of their contributors spoke briefly about farmers being a minority to the point where the Census Bureau stopped counting us.  Under 2% in the early '90's.  I've been thinking about that a lot, and how within our meager percentage there are even fewer still who operate similarly to the way we do.  That writer sent out encouragement to receive wisdom where you see it, whether your neighbors share your values or not.  For some reason this simple nugget has made me feel much less rigid and much more compassionate about different forms of farming.  We all live by the seasons and get our marching orders from the rain.  

We're all doing our best, by what we know.  Keep it up, you.