It's been raining cats here!  Everything is exploding in shades of green, and I love it.  Yesterday Lacey and I rounded up our heifers, and my duty during this little mission was to stay hidden in the creek bed in case they tried to double back.  It was extra quiet, any sound was muffled by the thick band of trees that ropes along the whole creek.  It was drizzling rain, and when the wind blew, all the raindrops that had collected on the leaves above dumped out on me.  It was so beautiful.  Little baby fungi getting started on lots of the branches.  It's easy to overlook the little things, and it's important to acknowledge the intricacies of nature from time to time.  I was wet and cold and not in a mood to dawdle, yet nature was able to suspend all my want to complain and just be with me.  

We've also started calving!  There are more than one, of course, but this one was MY first one so she gets to be blog-famous.  Like I'd said before, it feels so much more exciting when it's your own!    

And our chickens are growing up fast, so if you're interested in some of our GMO-free, pastured poultry, give Lace a holler!  We'll be butchering the weekend of May 20, and several are already called for.

Thank you for your business and interest in our goings on! :)  Hope everyone has a beautiful May.  Love and Light,