The last couple of weeks, things have been changing a lot around our place!  Rearranged some cattle so that we could put our newest additions close to the home place.  Lacey and I got started on our sister adventure by purchasing 54 heifers to breed.  I've been around this stuff my whole life, but I can't hardly contain myself that these are actually OURS.  It feels big!  And different!  And exciting!  We also got our baby chicks coming soon so that we'll be set to butcher just before Memorial day.  

I'm so lucky to have close and cooperative family.  This week while I was out fighting these wild fires, Dad & Lace handled BUSINESS.  I trust them both completely and am so thankful for them, and I'm going to make up for it on my upcoming days off from the town job.  Even my mom, who works full time and commutes, she'll drop what she's doing to help us.  And when big sis comes to town, that's project time!  She and her family might work harder when they visit than their real jobs require!!  No one escapes this labor of love, if you're on the ranch, you're probably helping!!  

That's the beauty of our plan, I think.  We're weaving our dreams of travel and exploration into our ranching plan, so that there will be times of the year when we can cover for each other.  We can take turns seeking adventure afar, and trust each other to manage the land and the cattle well in each others' absence.  When I look at ranchers and farmers around here, they work so hard that they rarely get away.  Which is beautiful, in a way, that they love their work and express it through such devotion.  I hope to do the same, but I don't want to clip my wings to do it.  I have always dreamt of building community around sustainability, and the way things are going, it feels possible.  Love and light!  More soon.