Juli here.  This week, we met with an outside consultant to jam out the details of how to get us girls on the ranch full time.  There is so much to ranching, the different areas that one needs to be proficient is a bit overwhelming!  What to buy, and when, and how best to care for them while improving the land, how and when to sell, business start up and goal setting, financials, making sure that we're all in sync with our goals and needs.  I'm excited about our plan, and our first steps will be completed just within a few weeks!  Informally we already know what we want.  But we will soon have a  written holistic goal, including all of our priorities.  To me it seems almost silly to write it all out, when we know what we want and it doesn't change much!  But as our consultant told us, this written goal matters.  It matters because it will be our compass in decision making.  It will be our strength through challenges, internal and external.  Who doesn't need that??  I'll share it when it's ready.  :)  Thanks for reading!