That is our guide post at Walnut Creek Farms.  We believe that it is our responsibility to respect and care for creation.  Much of modern agriculture is guided by production and profit.  We are guided by health; the health of our animals, the health of our customers and above all the health of the land.  If we take care of The Earth, The Earth will take care of us.  



We raise black and red angus beef at Walnut Creek Farms.  Our cattle always graze on pasture, and our rotating pastures are never sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, or commercial fertilizers.  Our cattle are given no routine antibiotics, no hormones, and no GMOs ever.  We will only sell you what we'd be willing to eat, and we have pretty high standards!



We raise Katahdin hair sheep on pasture at Walnut Creek Farms. This is our favourite breed of sheep, because their hair sheds seasonally and we don't have to sheer them.  Also, since they have no wool, the flavor is wonderfully void of the lanolin 'muttony' flavor that is off-putting to some customers.   Much like our cattle, they graze on natural grasses without pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers, and are given no routine antibiotics, no hormones, and no GMOs.




We raise free-range chicken for both meat and eggs at Walnut Creek Farms.  Since chickens are omnivores and need more protein in their diets, they are regularly given fresh space to forage for bugs, weeds, and grasses.  They also get a supplemented diet, and we at Walnut Creek Farms go to great lengths (literally!) to ensure that their diet remains GMO free.  We travel several hours to a trusted friend-farm to get clean feed for our chickens.  Nothing but the best for these ladies!